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Maped Color'Peps Pencil Crayons


Brand Maped
SKU: MAPED834010

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A range of bright, vibrant colored pencils perfect for school or home. These pencils feature durable, strong leads which resist breaking but still lay down smooth color. The triangular shaped pencils are comfortable to hold and will not roll away. Responsibly harvested Elm wood construction. Sharpens easily in all standard pencil sharpeners.

DUO Color'Peps: A practical and clever 2-in-1 style coloured pencil.  24-colours in a set of 12 pencils!  Twice the colours for half the space in your pencil case!

Maxi Color'Peps: The Maxi line is suitable for all your little ones.  Features wide triangular barrels with maximum diameter coloured core. This means the grip makes it easier to learn how to colour without getting upset!

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