FIMO Kids - Form & Play Sets


A new oven-hardening, non-toxic polymer modelling clay developed specifically to satisfy the needs of children! FIMO Kids clay is also available in single colour 42g (1.5oz) blocks. 

Form & Play Sets Include:

  • 4 x (42g/1.5oz) blocks
  • one modeling tool
  • instructions
  • and fold-out background scene to create a fun diorama!
What is FIMO Kids?
  • FIMO Kids is softer than FIMO Soft
  • Fosters creativity, fine motor skills and spatial perception
  • Particularly soft handing and shaping
  • Up to 24 vibrant colours
  • Easy to blend
  • Divided into 8 portions
  • CE-certified non-toxic product
  • Easy to open & resealable packaging
  • Neutral smelling
  • Extensive range of single blocks, sets and accessories available