SoFlat Matte Acrylic Sets

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SKU: GDA09740
By Golden


New from Golden these ultra matte super smooth colours lay down flat and opaque with rich vibrancy. No glare or texture will detract from the super flat surface of these acrylics. Available in two different starter sets with 6 colours in 2oz jars.

Pop Set
Bold colors inspired by mid-century pop art and probably the best starting point and value for flat, matte painting. Six 2 oz. jars: Cadmium Primrose, Naphthol Red Light, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green, Black and Titanium White.

Zing Set
Bright, surprising, high-chroma and intense – the colors of the Zing set will jump off your art. Six 2oz. jars: Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Naphthol Pink, Red Violet, Cobalt Teal and Yellow Green.