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Acrylic Pouring For Exciting Landscapes



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Saturday, June 1st
9:30 am - Noon

Instructor: Karen Guilbault

This workshop will take acrylic pouring to the next level, beyond creating abstract patterns across the whole canvas. We will experiment with creating mountains, water, and tree shapes on a sky background. Multiple "dirty" pours create the illusion of foreground and background.

Supplied: paints and mediums, one canvas and watercolour paper for smaller studies

Optional  one or two smaller canvases (9x12" or 11x14")

Pours done in this class will not be dry by the end of class. Please bring several cookie sheets, deep trays, or pizza boxes in order to safely transport your wet artwork home.
  • Please wear studio appropriate clothing.
  • Some previous pouring experience is an asset, but not necessary

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