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Bees Wax Pellets


Brand Yaley

4oz./113g bags of Bees Wax pellets in either natural or white

NATURAL: 100% Natural Beeswax pellets are carefully harvested. Only the finest beecombs are selected for this world class beeswax. This added procedure results in consistent, high quality grade beeswax.

WHITE: A very refined and pure Beeswax that is preferred by some people because of its natural composition. It is also softer than other waxes and has a longer burn time. Does not drip or smoke. Since it is odorless, it won't interfere with candle fragrances. Since it's white, it shows off coloured dyes exceptionally well.

Melting point for both waxes is 145 degrees Farenheit for candle crafting.

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