Colouring Collection - Mathew Larson Illustrations



Take an adventure to a mythical land with these 24 designs.

ADORABLE ALIENS: Let your imagination roam out of this world. With 24 designs of different cosmic critters, color their world alive with your favorite medium. Designs are intricate and unique but still allow you to get creative. Some critters even look like your favorite Earth-.bound animals. Each page includes a caption about the specific creature or creatures on the page. 24 single-sided pages, soft cover.

FANTASTICAL CREATURES: Zebracorns, koalaroos, and cameldor retrievers, oh my! Dive into a land of animal mashups beyond your wildest imagination. With 24 unique designs, you'll see things straight out of the strangest science fiction movie or random dreamland. Using different colors, patterns, and media, you can make these imaginary creatures even more special. Designs include: frog bat, hedgehog eagle, elephant butterfly, and more. Each 8.5"x 11" sheet of premium paper is printed on one side only, 24 single-sided pages, soft cover.

BE THE BIRD Take a trips to the depths of the ocean with 24 beautiful creatures. Every mermaid in this book is pictured in different environments and different poses. Get creative with your colors and be inspired by the range of mermaids and sea animals. Designs include: mermaids finding treasure, laying out on rocks, swimming with dolphins, and more. 24 single-sided pages, soft