Colouring Collection - Myka Jelina Illustrations

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Fresh and youthful designs with an emphasis on self-love, friendship, and positive energy. Premium paper minimizes bleeding ink. 24 single-sided pages, soft cover. 

GOOD VIBES: These adorable retro fairies will bring out the good vibes within. Full of peace, love, and flowing curls, these fantastical characters are just waiting for a million colors to spill onto their world. So put on your favorite tunes, fine a cozy spot and relax as this groovy collection inspires you to lay back and chill out.

BE YOURSELF: etting you be you, that is the inspiration behind these whimsical fairy creations. Colorfully connect with each character as you are taken into their world of vivid imagination. In a place where anything goes, let your creativity soar and overflow onto the pages, filling the spaces with all that is unique about you.

FRIENDS: These playful designs will spark your imagination for hours of enjoyment. Inspired by the gift of friendship, these clever fairy companions are here to share their world of colorful delights with all of you. With swirls of paisley flowers, daisy chains, song birds, and gentle rain, your heart will fill with sunshine and rainbows as you fill up the page.

PEACE OUT: Say peace out to stress and worries. These adorable retro fairies are just waiting for you to color their world alive and let your imagination go to places unknown. So relax, pull out your favorite coloring utensil, and let this rad collection inspire you to chillax and enjoy the good life.