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Glitter Pouch Multi Packs


Brand Sulyn

Sulyn Glitter Sample Packs can add glitter to paper craft projects, school projects, holiday decorations, floral, and more! It's that perfect extra embellishment. Just sprinkle glitter over wet craft glue, fabric glue or fabric paint; let dry thoroughly; and shake or brush off excess glitter. To accent rubber stamping, stationery and paper projects, use any clear-drying adhesive. Safe and non-toxic. 

Each package contains an assortment of pouches of super-sparkly glitter in curated colour schemes.  

  • Sampler 16/colour - 32g total wt.
  • Spring 14/colour - 28g total wt.
  • Winter 14/colour - 28g total wt.
  • Holographic 9/colour - 18g total wt.

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