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Montana Acetone Cap Cleaner & Thinner


Brand Montana

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Montana ACETONE Spray T5100 (11oz. can) can be applied in many practical and creative contexts. Traditionally in the aerosol art community, it has been used for years as a cap cleaner enabling users to remove paint residue from spray nozzles, bringing them back to their original state to produce clean lines.

Acetone also becomes a powerful general cleaning agent if applied undiluted.  It's helpful in removing superficial paint marks, dry paint dust, general grime, oils or hard wearing residues from surfaces about to be worked on. Applied to a surface that is reactive to acetone, it acts as an etching fluid, leaving etched markings or indentations that can be incorporated into the art making process.


We cannot ship aerosol cans as they are considered dangerous goods. All aerosol cans will appear out of stock on the website but are in stock and available in-store.

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