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Reharvested Texture Gels


Brand Tri-Art
Tri-Art maintains an ecological philosophy to their paint-making, reusing waste material whenever possible. These exciting new of gels feature re-harvested materials such as copper cinder, PETE plastic, walnut shells and coloured glass beads to create a unique series of acrylic mediums
    • All use re-harvested particles from other manufacturing processes to create beautiful texture mediums.
    • Particles are incorporated into a Professional-Grade Acrylic Polymer Gel Medium to ensure excellent adhesion, flexibility and clarity once dry. The  product's particles will effect coverage.
    • All appear lighter in their wet, mass state and will dry clearer with a gloss finish.
    • They will have a consistent format and appearance with each batch made.
    • All may be tinted with acrylic colour of your choice prior to applying, or painted over once dry.
    • Sequential layers of colour or mediums may be added.
    • May be used as a ground or incorporated into paintings.


      • contains PETE plastic shards suspended in 100% acrylic polymer
      • Transparent, colourless particles with a varied size and shape


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