Resin Pour kits


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Learn to mix and pour this beautiful set, creating washes of rich colours and glossy finishes. Leisure Arts Resin Pouring Kit is a fun and easy craft, a process that is similar to an acrylic paint pouring. Resin cures to a gloriously glossy and durable finish. With this unique resin medium, you can to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, all it takes is a few simple mixes and movements.

Kit Contains:

  • 2oz epoxy resin
  • 2oz epoxy hardener
  • three .09oz opaque colourants: colour selection varies from kit to kit
  • two 1oz measuring cups
  • three 4oz mixing cups
  • three craft sticks
  • pair of protective gloves
  • 24”x 24” plastic sheet
  • and a 24 page instruction book