Watercolor Magic

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These liquid watercolours add bold pigments to almost any watercolour painting or paper-crafting project! They are washable and AP certified non-toxic. They can be used with a paint brush or airbrush, and added to glues, water-based paint and glazes for dazzling effects!  Available in 8 oz. bottles.

Not sure how to use Watercolor Magic?

    • Paint a picture just like you would with regular watercolours
    • Add bright colours to all sorts of art supplies like paper clay, casting resin, homemade play-doh, and slime!
    • Custom paint your own gift-wrapping paper
    • Paint directly onto glass windows for a (non-permanent) stained glass effect
    • Coat the inside of a vase or mason jar, creating an extremely decorative keepsake (looks amazing with the metallic colours!)
    • Stain any piece of natural/unfinished wood
    • Mix into any water-soluble paints!