Junior Artist Draw & Colour 76-Piece Set


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The perfect gift for kids who love to draw and colour! We have assembled our favourite and most trusted non-toxic colouring supplies into one package. This set includes a durable vinyl zippered bag to store everything in when not in use. The 11x14" sketchpad gives kids a large surface to explore their creativity.

Kit includes:

  • 12 coloured pencils
  • one graphite drawing pencil
  • 5 pastel pencils
  • 6 soft pastels
  • one pencil tin
  • 24 felt markers
  • 24 wax crayons
  • one blank jigsaw puzzle 5x8"
  • one 30 sheet 11x14"" sketchbook
  • one 12x16" reusable zippered vinyl bag

Looking for more gift ideas?  This set goes great with colouring books