Our copy centre is open for self- serve copies

Our copy centre is a user friendly work space equipped with two self-serve high speed colour photocopiers, and a work surface for each of them.  To respect Covid-19 social distancing we have installed physical barriers between the machines and hand sanitizer is available at each station.

There are two ways to get your prints made: 

  1. Email your file(s) to print@ricohprintcloud.com, (30 MB file size limit - Files must be a .pdf) You will receive a confirmation email containing an 6-digit access code for each file that you send. You will need to bring the access code(s) with you when you come in to print
  2. Bring in your physical paper work, or save your document on a USB flash drive (.pdf format only)

When you arrive you'll need to purchase a copy card. Having the two self-serve machines allows you to zip in and out, avoiding lineups. Just insert the pre-programmed copy card into the card reader and away you go! If you're unfamiliar with our machines our staff will be happy to show you the ropes.

For best printing results .pdf format is recommended.  Please note that we aren't equipped to do any sort of editing and we do not offer editing services.

Copy Card Pricing 

     Cost per copy
Card Price Black Ltr Black Ldgr Colour Ltr Colour Ldg
$20 $0.10 $0.20 $0.75 $1.10
$45 $0.09 $0.18 $0.68 $0.99
$80 $0.08 $0.16 $0.60 $0.88
$175 $0.07 $0.14 $0.53 $0.77
$300 $0.06 $0.12 $0.45 $0.66



Wallet $2.49
Letter $2.99
Legal $3.49
Ledger $3.99



 Hourly rate for labour intensive jobs  $60/hour