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How To Choose A Sketchbook

There's so much information on the cover of a sketchbook that it can look like gibberish. We're here to help you decipher the madness and find the sketchbook to suit your needs

September 14, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Pastel Madness!

Pastels are a very large and often confusing family of art materials, but they are a very versatile medium and are worth getting acquainted with! We'll go over the differences, the similarities, how to identify the quality, plus some tips on preservation (both for yourself and your artwork).

August 17, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Pouring Acrylic Crash Course

Acrylic pouring (or dirty pours) are the new craze in art. The unique shapes and patterns from pours can be achieved in countless ways so we tried most of the products and most of the variations just to share with you what works and what doesn't.

July 26, 2018 — Jasmine Ashlie

Colouring Resin

Resin has become very popular as an art medium with artists finding all kinds of creative uses for it. There are specific resin dyes available, but they seem to be tricky to locate so we wanted to illustrate that some more easily accessible products (that artists may already have in their studios) can be used to successfully colour resin.

June 07, 2018 — Jasmine Ashlie

Golden OPEN Acrylics

An acrylic paint with vastly longer working time and colours that can be lifted or blended even hours after application...? 

It's not magic, it's Golden OPEN and it’s the real deal!


May 02, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Removable: It's a Good Thing!

When we see "removable" written on a product label we tend to think it means that product is not of the highest quality, but this couldn't be farther from the truth!  We're going to illuminate what removable really means to you and your art.

April 13, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Workable Fixative: How I Love Thee...

Offering unsurpassed versatility, Workable Fixative has been such a good friend to me over the years. Our relationship has been repeatedly tested and fixative has never let me down; in fact, quite the opposite!  Many times Workable Fixative has saved me from disaster (and heartbreak) and I don't know how any artist lives without it!

February 16, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Animal By-Products and Art Supplies

Over the years I've heard a number of people express concerns about use of animal by-products in the products they use everyday, and art materials are no exception. The world of fine art products is indeed vast; fortunately, the number of animal-based products is small and easy to outline.

October 05, 2017 — Karen Bullaro

Watercolour Terminology


These days, more people than ever are becoming self-taught artists thanks to books, online courses, and free platforms like YouTube where people just want to share their knowledge. Learning a new discipline on your own can be like learning a new language and it's nice to have a glossary at hand. Join us and learn the lingo of the watercolour artist.

July 29, 2017 — Karen Bullaro

Working With Alcohol-Based Inks

If you've ever seen alcohol inks in action you will have already experienced their independent swirling movement; beautiful, mesmerizing and liberating, and also incredibly frustrating if you're used to having control over your media. Gaining an understanding of the properties of alcohol inks will help you have more fun and create more successful pieces.

June 02, 2017 — Karen Bullaro

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