Inktense Pencils & Blocks by Derwent

Combining the brilliant intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash, Inktense can be used for dry rich intense color or washed out with a little water to create a vivid translucent effect.

October 06, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Brushables by Kuratake Zig

Brushables use a water-based pigmented ink that is permanent, lightfast, acid-free and even photo safe. Each marker has two brush tips and two tones; one tip is a 100% hue from the ZIG Memory System colour range and the other tip has a 50% tint of that hue

October 02, 2018 — Karen Bullaro

Piñata Alcohol Inks by Jacquard

Piñata Alcohol Inks are highly saturated, acid-free, transparent, alcohol-based colours. There are 19 vibrant colours that can be mixed and blended together.


September 27, 2018 — Karen Bullaro