We have 3 recycling programs in place

  Art Supply Recycling

Bring in used art supplies and we'll ensure they are recycled!
Accepted items:
    Please ensure all cans, bottles, tubs and tubes are empty
    before they are deposited in the recycle bins.


    Ink & Toner Recycling

    Accepted ink & toner cartridges:

    • Original brand (OEM)
    • Clover brand

    Just bring them in and we send them to Clover Imaging Group where they are re-manufactured to be used again, or broken down and recycled into raw materials. We carry a large selection of Clover refurbished cartridges in store always. 



    Pen Recycling

    Accepted items:

      Our Recycling History

      We are proud to say we have been accepting used ink and toner cartridges and sending them off for recycling for more than 20 years! In 2019 we embarked on a pen recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle. The program has since expanded to include art supplies too.

      If you purchased these products from us then we will take care of the recycling.  Just bring them in and we send them off to TerraCycle where they are broken down into their constituent parts and reused or recycled into raw materials.

      Introducing TerraCycle

      TerraCycle is a company dedicated to the recycling of waste that is generally considered non-recyclable. This would-be waste is then transformed into raw materials and reused.

      Recycling efforts like these not only reduce the impact of waste on the environment, but they also create jobs. TerraCycle also donates a portion of proceeds to non-profit organizations.