Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink

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These are highly saturated, acid-free, transparent, alcohol-based colours that are indelible and moisture-resistant when dry.  Use them on most any clean surface including glass, plastic, metal foil, metal, leather, paper, vinyl, and more!  Colours can be mixed and blended together.

Piñata Colors are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. They are great for rubber stamping, fine art, and scrap booking. Also use Piñata Colors for faux finishing techniques, graphic, and airbrush applications as well as wood and leather staining.

All Piñata Colours come in a 15ml (0.5oz) bottles and 118ml (4oz).

Exciter Packs — sets of nine 15ml colours to get you started!

Claro Extender — Mixing this solution with Piñata colours slows drying time and increases transparency without diluting color strength. When dropped or brushed on top of dry Piñata colours, Claro Extender creates marble-like textures and dries to a slightly less shiny finish — just like real stone! - 1oz. bottle

Clean-Up Solution — This solution contains moisturizers that keep brushes and sponges soft and pliable. First use regular rubbing alcohol to clean off most of the color, then follow with Clean-Up Solution for the final rinse - 1oz. Bottle