Pinata Alcohol Ink Exciter Packs

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Piñata Colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free, transparent ink colors. These magical inks are alcohol-based, indelible and moisture-resistant when dry. That means you can work freely on almost any clean, oil-free non-porus surface including glass, plastic, metal foil, metal, leather, paper and vinyl. Each Exciter Pack contains nine 1/2 oz. colours

The original Exciter Pack contains: Blanco Blanco, Calabaza Orange, Baja Blue, Passion Purple, Mantilla Black, Rainforest Green, Senorita Magenta, Rich Gold & Sunbright Yellow.

The NEW Colour Overtone Exciter pack contains: Golden Yellow, Pink, Coral, Blue-Violet, Teal, Blanco Blanco, Copper, Brass, & Pearl

or chose individual Pinata colours