Airbrush Paint Sets

By Meeden

  • Made from high quality, finely ground pigments (ground to ≤35μm) ensuring MEEDEN airbrush paints ready to spray anytime without thinning or worries about clogging.
  • These acrylic inks work wonderfully with an airbrush, paint brush, or dip-pen and feature highly pigmented, quick-drying, water-resistant, light-resistant, and nearly odorless inks that are ready-to-use.
  • NON-TOXIC WATER-BASED FORMULA: Conforms to the ASTM D4236, and AP standards ensuring the formulas are 100% harmless during spraying. MEEDEN are deeply committed to providing artists with safe and environmentally friendly products.
  • Works well on a wide array of surfaces like fabric, wood, leather, ceramic, canvas, metal, plastic, and glass!