Nature is the primary inspiration for Steve’s art.  In his paintings, he tries to create the feeling of reality (though not in the photographic sense).  His paintings draw you in and make you feel that you are present in the scene; feeling the winds and smelling the pines.  His compositions are both bright and serene, which reflects his personal experience – Steve has spent his lifetime exploring and hiking the remote areas of British Columbia, and he brings the landscapes he sees back to the studio.

Steve’s visual impairment gives him an unique set of challenges but he sees his disability in a positive light.  Unable to focus on detail, he has to interpret the larger scene and capture the essence of what he is painting.  Steve’s style is unmistakable.

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Steve is a founding member and director (from 2008-2016) of Artists Helping Artists, an art co-operative based in Burnaby BC, dedicated to bringing together able-bodied and disabled artists in a collaborative workspace.  He has frequently taught workshops and provided personal direction to artists with a focus on having the authentic voice of the artist come through, underpinned by sound theory and skill with the medium.  He has been exhibiting his art for many years in both solo and group contexts and his works hang in private and corporate collections across North America.