Cowan's Store Gift Cards



Finding the right gift for an artist can be challenging for many of us non-artist types.  Now you can give the gift of creative freedom with a Cowan's Gift Card!  Gift cards function just like cash (they never expire) and can be spent on any in-store purchases.  Gift cards purchased online will be held for pick-up (at the front counter) so make sure you provide us with the recipients full name.

 ** Gift Cards cannot be used for online purchases **
** In-Store Purchases Only **
How it works:
  1. Choose the denomination(s) you wish and add to your cart
  2. Proceed to checkout (no taxes are charged on gift cards)
  3. You will be asked for a "shipping address" - Please enter the gift card recipient's Name, Address and Phone Number (not your own).
  4. Please include your own information in the "Billing Address" section (this ensures we can contact you should any issues arise)
  5. Once the transaction is finished and payment is accepted, we will put together the gift card and hold it for in-store pick-up
  6. We don't contact the recipient because generally people wish to notify the gift card recipient themselves.  If you do wish for us to notify the recipient for you, you will need to include a note with instructions.

Our gift cards are not in pre-set denominations; we can put any amount on a gift card, therefore several denominations can be combined to achieve specific amounts.

Example: You want to buy a $125 gift card

  • Add to your cart a $100 card + $20 card + $5 card = one $125 card