Creative Hobby Tool 10-Piece Set


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Walnut Hollow Creative Tools are electric hot tools with a comfort grip and an off and on switch. Each tool comes with a stand to hold the hot tool while you work and a storage case with dividers to keep the tool and tips safe and secure when it is not in use. Each tool is made so you can decorate, emboss, personalized and more all of your creative projects!

Creative Hobby Tool heats to 950 degrees-F. Includes tapered point, texture 'n' tone point, mini flow point, tool stand, 2 soldering points a cone and a square, 2 hot knife points straight and hook, and 35" of lead free solder with core. Also includes instructions. Use for hot cutting, woodburning, and soldering. All the points are threaded and designed to twist into the end of the tool.

Caution: Hot iron can cause severe burning, so use carefully. Always rest point on holder. Keep away from children and combustible materials.