Indigenous Design Diamond Art Kits

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These exceptionally large canvases guarantee many hours of fun for one or a group! Diamond Art Kits feature selected designs from Canadian Art Prints' Indigenous Collection. Each canvas measures 15.75" x 19.7" (40 x 50 cm) and features the artist name, tribal affiliation and title of artwork. The artist receives royalties on each sale.

What is diamond art?

Diamond art is very much like paint-by-numbers: the canvas is pre-printed, colour-coded, and features an adhesive coating and a protective film. Peel back a corner of the film to reveal a sticky surface, using the tool apply the correct colour dots to each space and watch a sparkling and tactile diamond textured painting develop! Very much like a puzzle, each Diamond Art pattern is hours of fun for pairs or groups, and takes up less workspace space than a puzzle. (Easy to pack away between sessions!)

Kits contain:

  • one printed sticky canvas
  • one applicator pen & wax
  • one small tray
  • faceted diamond beads, separated and labeled
  • one spare bag