Learn To Create with Hemp Cords & Beads Book

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To knot or not to knot, that is the question. And of course the answer is knot; knot like there's no tomorrow. Learn to combine simple hemp cording with beads to make creative jewelry for yourself and friends. You'll learn new and different knots, like square, half hitch, lark's head, Chinese crown, and more, that will produce varying patterns and textures. And of course you'll be able to add your choice of beads into the mix to create fun jewelry pieces for yourself and others. Projects include: simple zodiac necklace, charm necklace, tube bead bracelet, beaded key ring, openwork choker, green choker and many more. Each can be made with a combination of hemp cording, in a variety of weights, your choice of beads, needle nose pliers or tweezers, a large split ring and scissors. Beginner skill level. 32 pages in a soft cover.Made in USA