Refillable Acrylic Markers & Replacement Nibs

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By Montana


These high-quality, refillable empty paint markers have optimum flow control pump-valve systems that allow for accurate handling and application. The transparent marker bodies allow for easy color recognition and assessment of remaining content. Markers include a loose ball bearing to help mix the pigmented ink inside (shake marker gently with cap on prior to use).

The extra-fine .7mm and fine 2mm nib markers hold 8ml of paint or ink. The standard 15mm, broad 30mm and broad 50mm nib empty markers hold 20ml of paint or ink.

Replacement Nibs:

Montana Acrylic Marker Replacement Nibs are optimized to work with the Montana Acrylic Markers and are compatible with most acrylic inks. The extra fine (.7mm) nib is a plastic nib but all others are a traditional porous felt fiber nib