Simply Simmons Brush Sets - Mixed Short Handled

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Versatile value priced brush sets featuring combinations of natural and synthetic brushes in reusable clear vinyl wallets. These mixed assortments of brushes are constructed with artist quality fibers; either natural animal hairs or dark tipped synthetic filaments and can be used with all paint mediums.

Durable and affordable, Simply Simmons brushes are a favorite with both beginners and experienced artists.

Contents of each set:

Mop Up 3pc:

  • White Goat Oval Mop 1/2" & 3/4"
  • Synthetic Flat Wash  1/2"

Basic Watercolour 5pc:

  • Pony Mix Round Wash 18
  • Pony Mix Flat Wash 1/2"
  • Black Goat Round Mop 3/4"
  • Synthetic Rigger 3
  • Synthetic Round 2/0