Watercolour 24-Set

By Meeden

This amazing set of 24 Watercolour Paints is crafted with long-lasting, rich pigments. Very finely ground pigments ensure each particle in the paint is less than 35μm in diameter. Thanks to that, every stroke feels satin-smooth and finished works feature excellent lightfastness. 

Like any high quality paint, each tube is marked with the pigment(s) used, plus a rectangular symbol indicating opacity/transparency, and a lightfastness star rating (up to 3 stars)

  • RICH & VIBRANT: Each color has been carefully selected to provide the most extensive range of mixable possibilities.
  • NON-TOXIC STATEMENT: MEEDEN gouache is certified to AP, CE, and ASTM D-4236 standards and complies with solvent-acid-free requirements